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Temescal Telegraph Business Improvement District, 2015                                                         Powered by LocalOn
A Community Meeting was held Aug 4 regarding its future.
Click for the minutes from this meeting

The Temescal Obelisk project, is a public-private collaborative partnership, to enhance gateway identity signage and improve multi-modal connections to/from local streets and Hwy 24, as well as the heart of Temescal and employees of UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.
Any additional comments should be submitted to: info@temescaldistrict.org  by Friday, September 12. After that, TTBID will make a final decision regarding the welcome sign, in conjunction with the property owner.
Figure 2 -The schematic design 
Figure 1 - The material  with sample lettering and colors. It is made of wire mesh, not a solid material as appears in the schematic design.  The schematic design shows a solid tower while the actual sample indicates a more transparent, lighter structure.

Figure 1             Figure 2  
Giving Temescal its character!

Pedestrian Lighting Petition
Show your support!

Pedestrian-Oriented Lighting Project
Oakland’s 1st LED Lighting Technology

Pardon the Dust!
Phase I -  40th to 42nd - Completed
Phase II - 42nd to 49th - Completed
Phase III - 51st to Children’s Hospital - Completed
Phase IV - 49th to 51st - Pending!
Talking Trash Can Art
TTBID embarked on an ambitious project to transform the concrete tag attracting atrocities. We've decorated 38 cans! Our Design Committee embraced Oakland's unique elements, including its rich mosaic culture with the help of Juan Lopez of New World Mosaic
Thanks to sponsors: Ervin Somoygi, Pat Smith, EsqueletoReed BrosMail Max, VES McDonald's, Alcatraz Shade Shop, Pat Smith, Alexandria Condo Assoc.and
What would you like to see in the former Frazee Bldg at 4881 Telegraph? Click here to weigh in!
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Temescal Welcome Sign
Would you like better pedestrian lighting on Telegraph and Shattuck Avenues?
Show your support by reviewing and signing the petition here